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About The Game

New Citizen is a modern-themed roleplay adventure game set in the vast open-world environment of the USA.

What is New Citizen?

Short Description:

New Citizen is a modern-themed roleplay adventure game set in the vast open-world of the USA. The game focuses mainly on the player, creating an environment that feels alive and that is constantly moving.

Summary of our game:

New Citizen is a community based multiplayer game, taking the idea of creating a standalone role-play game that many modding communities have been doing for years on other games. New Citizen is to be the first dedicated/standalone role-play game allowing all these communities to unite and join under one title and create their dream communities, or to join existing communities under official servers or unofficial servers, meaning hosted by members of the public. Within New Citizen under the base game meaning unmodded servers, players will start with a set amount of money and be given a lifetime of opportunities to take out into the game, meaning they can become a police officer and control the streets and arrest other players who choose to become criminals as a means of making money, or they may just be patrolling and doing traffic stops on those players who find themselves committing petty crimes, such as speeding while they are doing their daily duties/tasks. New Citizen is a role-playing game, meaning there is no end to the gameplay loop. Its player-to-player interaction that creates these childhood-like memories we once remember in our favourite games, this also means there is no set script/mission

LAST ADDED: 09/16/2021